Mt Rainier

Have you lost an item?

The Cascade Treasure Club annual Bottle Auction will be held at the monthly meeting this Sunday, November 19. Bring a bottle (or jar) filled with beans or rice in which you've hidden silver coins or other items of value to metal detectorists like yourself. Then, all the bottles will be auctioned to raise funds for the club so come prepared to buy someone else's bottle if you can. It's fun and exciting because you never know what treasure has been hidden in the bottles!

Also, the annual Christmas party is coming up too! More details to come.


Cascade Treasure Club is a group that enjoys metal detecting and treasure hunting. We meet monthly to share our latest finds, discuss relevant issues, and enjoy the company of others interested in our hobby. Club meetings provide an opportunity for members to display their monthly finds, share stories about hunting, and plan future hunts together. In addition, we have a competition with prizes for the best finds of the month, we submit items for the bi-annual scavenger hunt, we participate in raffles, and we enjoy cookies & coffee. Each meeting has a subject of the month where members display collections and share the interesting background behind the items and how they were acquired.

The Cascade Treasure Club meets on the third Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM at the Highland Park Improvement Center. Become a member or visit us at our next meeting!

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